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Outline Book Category Portal. Archived from the original on 23 September The rate of abortions has declined gradually in post-Soviet Russia, but it remains abnormally high. By Ola Cichowlas. Many women remain shy about consulting gynaecologists or talking about sex, particularly with their partners, about how to avoid unwanted pregnancy or protect against sexually transmitted diseases, she said. Joel van Houdt for Foreign Policy.

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Abortion Remains Top Birth-Control Option In Russia

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russian abortion russian russian abortion russian

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Moscow - Women of all ages used to fill gynaecologist Lyubov Yerofeyeva's Soviet state clinic, lined up by the dozen for back-to-back abortions. Two decades after the Soviet Union's collapse, wider availability of contraception and a resurgence of religion have reduced the numbers of abortions overall, but termination remains the top method of birth control in Russia. Backed by the Russian Orthodox Church, an influential anti-abortion lobby is driving a moral crusade to tighten legislation and shift public attitudes that are largely a legacy of the Soviet era. Adding to the debate is the Russian government's effort to reverse a population decline caused by low birth rates combined with very high death rates. With Russians dying nearly twice as fast as they are born, the United Nations predicts that by its population will shrink by almost one fifth to million. Women's rights groups voice outrage that the Church would play a role in shaping Russia's secular laws and say abortion must remain a choice. They acknowledge the statistics point to a public health travesty but suggest the problem would be better resolved by sex education.
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Abortion in Russia is legal as an elective procedure up to the 12th week of pregnancy , and in special circumstances at later stages. Citing demographic, economic, and moral concerns, the pro-life parties of Russia, with some measured sympathy from president Vladimir Putin , have been pressuring the government to ban abortion outright, or at least restrict its availability. In particular, the Russian Duma has been debating a bill since to remove financial coverage for abortion from the national healthcare system. In terms of the total number, in China reported that it had over 13 million abortions, [4] out of a population of 1. During Tsar Alexis Romanov 's reign the punishment for abortion was death, only later removed by Peter the Great. Abortion continued to be a serious crime until
russian abortion russian russian abortion russian
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