Vote KK to Fix our Streets and Fight Displacement!

Measure KK is a $600 million general obligation bond to invest in Oakland infrastructure and affordable housing.

Why Measure KK?

Rental rates in Oakland have increased 34% since 2011 and the median housing price has doubled since 2010. Oakland is facing a housing affordability crisis. We’ve already seen too many Bay Area communities become unaffordable for middle and low-income residents.

We won’t let that happen here in Oakland, and that’s why we are voting for Measure KK.

This measure takes a major step toward keeping Oakland, Oakland. It will allow us to protect Oaklanders all across the city from being forced to move out of affordable housing so we can keep long-term residents here in our community.

Today, average Oaklanders are spending hundreds of dollars every year on flat tires and car repairs as a result of potholes and bad roads. Measure KK will invest in fixing our crumbling infrastructure so it’s safer and easier to drive, walk, and bike around our beautiful city. The measure will improve quality of life citywide by re-paving streets, rebuilding cracked and deteriorating sidewalks, and improving bicycle and pedestrian safety. It will also repair and improve parks, libraries, and public safety facilities.

Measure KK includes a strong social equity requirement that will ensure improvements are distributed fairly throughout the city – especially in communities that need them the most.

Measure KK will allow us to invest in neighborhoods throughout Oakland, protect low-income families from being displaced, and improve the infrastructure that makes Oakland a great place to live and raise a family.

The projects will be selected through a public budgeting process. A Citizen Oversight Committee will conduct independent audits of the spending from this measure to make sure it is spent as promised.

Let’s come together to invest in a better quality of life for all Oaklanders.

Vote YES on Measure KK on November 8!

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